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So aces just started popping up out of the woodwork ever since I came out as asexual. And I just want to take this moment to appreciate that the Asexual Goddex of Togetherness is magically blessing me with community that actually lives near me. I wished for this sooo fucking hard.

Apparently the key is to massively out yourself over social media and start an awareness activism career. Who knew?

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Donut store explains social media

Tumblr - here’s a picture of a donut, reblogged with a gif that somehow pertains to supernatural

Oh my god.
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People Who Don't Want to Fall in Love

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This is really important info from a really great resource! Remember: No one ever deserves to be harassed, exploited, or emotionally abused. Everyone deserves to have their privacy and their body respected—whether they’re a current partner or an ex.
Check out endrevengeporn.org to learn about ways to get explicit images taken down, how to get involved in your area, or how to seek legal assistance. Or for more info about digital abuse and online harassment, check out loveisrespect.org.

90 percent of the victims are women

This is really important. When I was in high school, there was a girl in my grade who was known to be a bit promiscuous. She was constantly harassed and ostracized for it. In our junior year, she was talking to this guy and she decided to send pictures of herself to him. Before the end of the week, the pictures were on everyone’s phones. It was a trend basically. For weeks, it was nothing but “Oh have you seen X’s picture’s yet? No? Here, let me show you.” It was pretty disgusting. I honestly still have a mental imprint of the image, it was that prominent. She was 17, and her pictures were being passed around like a souvenir because she trusted the wrong guy, because some punk ass high schooler tried to be edgy and “expose the school slut.” If you share someone else’s pictures without permission, you are trash. Though looking back, I really gotta admire how she handled the situation with amazing grace and attitude.

When people say ‘what about amateur porn? That’s not bad is it?’
Yes. Yes it is. They could be underage. It could be revenge porn. Fuck knows.
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I don’t see any reason to put off announcing it any longer, so without further ado, this is the “secret” project I was working on. Check out some of the articles:
What is Demisexuality?
Could I Be Demisexual?
Am I Demisexual If…
Coming Out As Demisexual
And more! 
Share it, link to it, use it! Consider this a soft launch, and please provide feedback if you have it.* I want to do a bigger launch for Asexual Awareness Week. 
* Seriously, I would really appreciate ideas for articles, links and other ways to improve the site. 
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Okay everyone. Do you see this?
Do you see these two words?
They do not mean the same thing.
Can we all decide to stop using “gay” as a synonym for bisexual, since they’re completely different things? Bisexuality is not the same concept as homosexuality, nor is it a subset of it.

That aside I’m all for bi Spiderman

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